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bianchi, tullio rossi


History of Tullio Rossi

Thin athlete, with good skills both on the pace and in the sprint, as well as weak in the climbs. A Roman boy, at a time in the history of our cycling where the Lazio riders were very few, and where he, with the name of king, seemed to collect the legacy of the ciociaro Luigi Sgarbozza in the first moments of his professional career. Of course, because after a good past among amateurs (of note his success in the Salvatore Morucci Trophy '69, a classic of the category), in his first year among the greats of cycling, in 1973, Tullio, won the Fiuggi stage at Tour of Italy. The Lazio location of success and the fresh memory of the talkative of the Ciociaro (it has been maintained given its current television performances ...), projected Rossi to an immediate juxtaposition with Sgarbozza, to the point of making him popular. In reality the two were very different in physical structure and posture, the only common point was in the quick, discreet cue for Tullio, good in Luigi. The approach to the role to play was also different: the Frosinone was a bit anarchic and self-centered, while Rossi was open to gregarious and dark work for the team. It was precisely these willingness to allow the Roman rider to push his career, after the dazzling baptism with stage victory in the 1973 Giro (he closed it in 74th place), up to the age of 30. His time of ambition, in fact, ended with the experience in Dreherforte ('73 -'74), since both in the Presutti Notari Splendor ('75) and in the Furzi-Vibor ('76), Tullio learned well the craft of shoulder and made it as a certificate of validity, when, in '77 and in '78, he defended the colors of Felice Gimondi's Bianchi. Alongside the rider from Bergamo, Rossi, he spent his last years of activity, carrying out a humble and obscure job. During this time, he also participated in the Vuelta di Spagna ('78) which closed in 61st place. Like his last captain, Tullio too, at the end of that year hung his racing bicycle from the classic nail.
A peculiarity, the Roman rider was the first to try and launch the release pedals.



  • 1969 (Amateur) Salvatore Morucci Trophy

  • 1970 (Amateur) Giulio Burci Cup

  • 1973 (Dreherforte, a victory) 12th stage of the Giro d'Italia (Benevento> Fiuggi)

Placements Great laps



  • Tour of Italy

     1973: 74º

     1974: retired (21st stage)

     1976: 78º


  • Tour de France 1977:
    over time limit (17th stage)


  • Vuelta a España 1978:


  • Milan-Sanremo

     1973: 97º

     1974: 26th

     1977: 118º

     1978: 115º



tullio rossi gara
Francesco Moser e Tullio Rossi

Giro d'italia 1973 - Benevento Fiuggi - Tullio Rossi Vince - on Anni

rick van linden, TULLIO ROSSI
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